Monday, May 04, 2009

Saving Mankind or Trees?

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has published three pictographs which are supposed to prevent the outburst of swine flu in Switzerland:

The authorities want that we wash our hands, that we hold a kleenex in front of our face whenever we sneeze or cough and that we dispose the kleenex correctly. However, did the government give any thought on the collateral damages of such a behaviour?

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Mickle in NZ said...

You go through all that, get yourself home, then grounded?

Put on your favourite music (loud), get or make some yummo food and then sit out on your balconey - plan this Summer's plants or just chill out with a good coffee, a newspaper or 10 and a good book.

If the "cellar" isn't well stocked then your lovely husband will have to bring some "wine work" home for specialised tasting.

Bloody hell, m'dear, I've been worried.

love and huggles, Mickle xxxxx

(word veri of "throads" is probably how you felt)