Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

We did not have any specific plans for this weekend but somehow it ended up quite packed and entertaining.


I called Toño at work and he did not show any resistance to sign up for a movie and dinner. We had a date! Brilliant. I could even make him to sign up for Star Trek, although he had never heard of it (and he even lives in this galaxy). Well, he knows it now and he loved it (I dreamed that night of Chris Pine's underwear scene).

For dinner we went to the fish restaurant Bianchi. Toño had been there already for a business lunch, but I haven't and I had to know how it is. Bianchi is a Swiss fish wholesaler with an excellent reputation. Years ago, they were located in the centre of Zürich and I had to work their as an electrician for more than a month. I never had more space while commuting during rush-hour in Zürich's public transport system.

Back to the restaurant: It was a splendid experience and a positive surprise. The food was absolutely flawless and the flavours marvellously composed. For the wine, Toño went for a white Châteauneuf-du-Pape. As Toño did not know that there is something called Star Trek, I did not know that there are white Châteauneuf-du-Pape. However, the most positive surprise was the service offered, which was charming, attentive, highly professional and never into your face. Why is this so rare?


In the morning, both Toño and I went for some sportive activities. In the afternoon Toño cleaned the residence while I took care of the groceries. I went to the city centre and was honestly quite shocked. When did it become acceptable for mothers to dress tartier than their already quite tartily dressed teenage daughters? There were plenty of those weird 'couples'.

For the evening we pondered various options (ranging from a romantic walk to getting shit-faced) and finally settled to pay this Sensation event from the Netherlands a visit. We had to dress in white, pay a hefty fee to get in, enjoyed ourselves for 4 straight hours on the dance floor and were amazed by the fantastic show. I reckon, the party was not sold-out, which actually left some space to dance. When we left, Toño remarked that there were a lot of breeders. I had to explain that this was not the White Party. That one was when we were in Mexico.

This is Toño and me on a crappy mobile phone picture:


After only four hours of sleep I got up to make my mother a lemon drizzle cake, since we planed to pay my clan a visit later that day.

This is my sister examining my cake (she then asked for the recipe) and Toño mopping the floor:

Further, we wiped the courtyard, cleaned the manger, fed the cows and unloaded a cart load of hay.

Now we are closing the day by watching Billy Wilder's Sunset Blvd. on Arte.

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