Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cutlery - Revisited

There is not every thing just fine here in México. There is a constant lack of decent cutlery. Like today when I was given a nice sirloin steak for lunch which I was supposed to eat with a effin plastic fork and nothing else. I had to wrap the meat in some tortillas and had to bite pieces off it. wtf?


naturgesetz said...

You were expected to pick it up with the fork and bite morsels off it.


Anonymous said...

u cant eat steak with plastic forks (>.<)
reminds of the cookin lesson i had in school.. we were given plastic forks and when i poked my chicken curry (or smthng) it warped under the heat (o.O)
hope the meal tasted good tho (^.^)

Mickle in NZ said...

Hey, it gave you a chance to bring out your "inner caveman", even if cavemen didn't have tortilla!

Dr M said...

My experience is that Mexicans pick their food up with a tortillas and take bites out that way.

Even though I am a Hispanic, I much prefer a knife and fork.