Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well... Buzz Words

My mission here in India is accomplished and I could fly back if there were not this disruptions in Europe's airspace.

Since I've booked via my caring employer's travel agent HRG, I'm supposed to reschedule my flight also via them. Of course, I did not manage to get through to them. On their brochure, there are all those nice buzz words, which so not withstand this stress test:

We care about you ... smart travelling with HRG ... our employees are always within easy reach ... let us deal with it for you ... smart travelling ... as a good partner we are with you all the way ... our 24-hours service is at your full disposal throughout the world, 365 days a year ... no worries ... we cover all eventualities.

Nevertheless, I tried to celebrate a bit.


Gauss Jordan said...

Hrmph. I have friends who are stranded in the US until the travel restrictions are lifted.

Any clue when you might be able to leave?

Toño said...

honey, you'll we soon back...

Mickle in NZ said...

Oh dear - any chance of borrowing a ship from the Indian Navy? Fully crewed and armed of course to scare off the Somali pirates as you head towards Suez Canal.

Then a quick sail across the Mediterranean Sea and you'll be able to get a train home from Italy!

love and huggles,

Michelle and Zebby