Friday, April 16, 2010

No Sports At Dawn (in speedos and in public)!

I'm currently in Bangolore, India for a three day meeting. Only on Monday evening we came back from México, where on the weekend, we had the pleasure to meet and dance with Dzyan*.

On Wednesday, I flew to India; and this morning at 7am I finally made it to the pool, just to realise again that I'm not a morning sports person, especially when being jet-lagged. In addition, I realised that I'm just not exhibitionist** enough to exercise in view of the the pool side breakfast restaurant and the treadmill robots.

* go there, meet him - this is highly recommended!
** or just have a "tiny bit" too much fat on the hips.


Daniel said...

Looks like a beautiful place, but I agree with you. Having an entire resultant watching is a little too exhibitionistic, isn't it?


dining tables said...

I like the pool so much. It is so beautiful. And also the trees around.

Gauss Jordan said...

Actually that looks quite nice. :-)

Mens swimwear said...

speedos in the morning sound great

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