Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yield to Pedestrians?

Traffic in India is really soemthing. We usually feel quite comfortable on the back seat of the car - i.e. nobody wants to sit next to the driver. However, being a pedestrian in this traffic is a completely different chapter. This traffic sign clearly shows how it works:

Nevertheless there is also beauty in these streets. Like I quite like how these trees cover the street.

Did you notice the brick-built median strip? It is the only measure that works to enforce some lane discipline. And it also helps crossing the street as a pedestrian.

I've posted this before, but bring it again to show what amazing things can happen in the Indian traffic:


Suf n Steve said...

I like the cultural, the Shopping and Historical part of India,

But not the traffic and certainly The Cleanliness! Gosh the Old Delhi is horrible thou!

and drinking water! erk!

So, are u goin back to Switzerland by sea or land! Since air transportation is closed!

Anonymous said...

That sign says it all, doesn't it? :)