Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sombrero de la Tierra Caliente

The area of México where Toño was born and bred is called Tierra Caliente. Yes, it is hot here, like for today 38°C/100°F are forecast. And it is only spring.

A thing I like about the Tierra Caliente are the sombreros, which the hombres wear.

I like the dynamic shape of these hats and the simplicity of the design, which is not only aesthetic but also functional. It keeps the head cool. The sombrero is made from the leaves of the royal palm.

Sadly, only the old geezers wear them nowadays. But Toño was so kind to wear one for me to take a picture.

No, I did not buy one. It is not for the lack of trying, but Méxicans seems to have smaller skulls. I could not find one that fits on mine, which has a circumference of 62 cm/24".


X said...

aww so cute!

naturgesetz said...

I wish men would wear real hats. In Mexic sombreros make great sense. In my more northern clime, straw hats are good for the summer, and felt the rest of the time. I try to set a good example, but very few follow it. I blame President Kennedy, who went hatless outdoors, and thereby made hatlessness acceptable and even fashionable. We still haven't recovered.

Mr. Urs said...

@naturgesetz thank you for keeping up the good tradition. I also love it when women are wearing summer frocks.