Monday, April 19, 2010

Hiding from the Icelandic Volcano Attacks

Maybe you occasionally watch telly and heard about the volcano with the name nobody dares to say. And maybe you saw pictures of people stranded at airports, without being given any assistance, having no hope and even less money left. Or you saw people trying alternative means of transport, like using taxis, swimming the English channel, or using cannons.

Well that is not the entire truth. There are others who yield up to their fate, although they are deriously longing for being hugged by Toño and they might miss Tigresa's party this weekend. That does not mean that I've checked other options, like freighters (25 days to Hamburg) and overland routes, however, I've decided to sit things out, like with this breakfast:

I admit, being in a five star hotel with my caring employer's credit card does help.

For now, I'm on Thursday's & Friday's waiting lists and have a confirmed flight on Saturday, provided the airspace between India and Germany is reopened till Wednesday morning. Qui vivra verra...


naturgesetz said...

This morning's paper says Alitalia is flying from Boston. Perhaps if they can't get you on a plane from India to Germany, you can go via Rome (or Athens).

Too bad about being stuck in a five-star hotel on your employer's dime. ;)

Mickle in NZ said...

It must be so hard to start the day with such a breakfast! Pleased you're making the best of your enforced Indian holiday, and hope your are home with dear T soon.

aims said...

I was wondering what was on that second plate. It doesn't look much like breakfast food that I'm used to. The first and last I recognize but not the middle.

Mickle thought there might be something I could eat in all of that. Something without gluten in it...

Having a mini vacation isn't so bad ten is it?

Anonymous said...

Poor you, that wait must be absolutely dreadful! LOL

Over here it was reported this afternoon the recently opened airports will have to close again this evening. Another huge layer of ash is coming our way :/


Liz said...

Hi Urs, I'm Mickle's sister and she sent me the link. Glad to see that at least one person is finding the up side of all this disruption. Listening to BBC Radio this morning you would think that it was nothing but hassle for all concerned. That breakfast looked great! Enjoy while you can.

Rob7534 said...

That is one amazing 3 course breakfast! It's nice to see you making lemonade from the lemons you have been dealt.

Did you really eat all of that!?

I'm very glad you have made it home safely.

By the way, you almost made me blow one of my staples with heard about the volcano with the name nobody dares to say. That was too much, here in the states, it's the most entertaining part of watching CNN, waiting to see how the anchor will pronounce it.