Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bum Gun FTW

Well, I think the proper and more decent term is health faucet, but I think bum gun sounds nice too. Not everybody might consider anal cleansing a decent topic anyway.

So yes, I'm in India again and I want to tell the world that one of the most enjoyable perks of travelling southern and south-eastern Asia is that (better) hotels are equipped with bum guns. I don't even want to go into the details of what we are supposed to do down there in our western culture. After applying the bum gun, you just feel so much better :)


Ms Mac said...

Well, I clicked on your Bumk Gun link in Twitter hesitantly but I should have had faith.

Never having been a consumer of Bum Guns or Bidets, what are you supposed to dry yourself with? Is the bog roll extra absorbent?

Mr. Urs said...

Oh @Ms Mac, that is like not having a drink because it leads to a hangover. It will dry... eventually.

Seth said...


Gauss Jordan said...

Hey, we've got high-tech toilets in the West!

Here's a video from Ron White on the topic. Watch the whole video... it's slightly on-topic for a few of our blogs. ;-)

I should note he's from the great state of Texas. :-)

Suf n Steve said...

it is a matter of cleanliness dear.

ppl in asia wash after toilet business, not wipe off-just like that.

yeahh, Mr. Urs likes it so very much, the bum gun has done cleansing job.

me like it too.

Captastro said...

There are times I'd consider this essential! lol

@Gauss Jordan LMAO, Ron White is the bomb!

(My word verification is 'spnque' :/ lol)