Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Good news of great joy"

I know, this is a bit premature. We will have some more days to pass until we can commemorate this announcement of the angel to the shepherds. But I already cite this line, because we use this fourth Advent Sunday to add an angle angel to our Nativity scene.

Read more about the Nativity scene tradition at our residence in last years post.


Biki said...

When our boys were small, I would set up the creche and place our animals in and around it. Joseph and Mary would come from one side of the room, and the shepherds would be lingering around the creche. The wise men would be in different areas of the room. Day by day the boys were each allowed to move the pieces closer and closer until on Christmas eve all of the pieces would be gathered together, except for the baby Jesus. That would be that last thing I would do that night before bedtime. The kids really seemed to enjoy moving the pieces around the room. And we always called it a cow too!

Merry Christmas!

torchy! said...

i've figured it out! i read this when you posted it originally, but was a bit confused about the angle you'd added.

now, of course, i realise that you added an angel! lol


Mr. Urs said...

@torchy... It's one of my more common typos.