Thursday, December 03, 2009

Jay's Questions

Questions by Jay:

1. Whose the last person you've helped, but didn't have to?
I think this was one of the common curtsey kind of helps, like holding open a door or picking something up a person dropped. I try to do such things, not only because you get usually a free smile. Though, I like to get smiles and it's a really cheap way to get it.

2. Whose the last person you loved but didn't want to?
3. Whose the last person you hated, but couldn't help it?

I'm crap at both loving/hating on a casual basis. In my vernacular we do not even say "I love you". "I like you" is the most we stammer. I actually had to learn to use "I love you" (though I still hardly do in my dialect). I'm getting off track... The one I love, I really want to love and I hope that this will last till eternity. It happened though quite often that I dislike certain people without any apparent reason. This mostly at work, probably since I have the most social interaction there. Or as a friend of mine put it: "I really tried to be more tolerant, but there are just too many morons in this world." But I only dislike these people, I don't hate them. Morons are just not worth to get too much of my emotions.

4. What means most to you, but could do without?
My daily fix of newspapers.

5. At the end of the day what can you do better, and will you try to?
Loving and caring.

6. Can you ignore want and acknowledge necessity?
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. It is not always easy to distinguish between urge and importance. But I don't think I overemphasise want.

7. What is fucked up in your LIFE that you CAN change but never will?
I'm pretty content with my life. I don't think I've got incurable baggage.

8. What is fucked up in the WORLD that you CAN'T change but will try?
For all gays to live and love without fear.

9. Would you denounce your convictions to save the life of one person/millions?
Even Galileo Galilei abjured, cursed and detested his opinions. And my convictions are far weaker than his. I can be quite a wimp. I reckon, I definitely would.

10. Would you follow your convictions if it lead to the injustice of one person/millions?
What do you expect from somebody working in the arms business? (Not that I'm in this business out of conviction, or is money equal to conviction in this case?)

11. Is your life about giving or taking?
La vie n'est pas un long fleuve tranquille. There are waves. Right now, I'm more on the taker side, but I've been a giver, and it might come back again.

12. If you died tomorrow, what footprints have you left?
I did plant some trees, not enough though.

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