Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrating Success

Within any successful organisation one of the key criteria of that enabled their achievements is their ability to celebrate success, as we all learned in one of those dull team-building seminars.

However, our brass prefers to celebrate values. Values which haven been commanded top-down. So a week ago, we were invited to celebrate the four values our caring employer has recently given itself. In a year, our personal qualification (and thus bonuses) will be based how we lived those values. It's as silly as it sounds. Whatever, I kind of forgot to go. I was still recovering from the India trip.

Yesterday, we started again a small grassroot movement to celebrate the right thing. The colleague, who spent the most time with me in India, brought some bottles of Gewürztraminer. I went to the Indian take-out around the corner to get some portions of samosa and pakora. Together, we invited who was around of the team to celebrate the success of out latest project in India.

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