Sunday, March 29, 2009

I *heart* Boskoop

There are many apple varieties. But only few are suitable to cook and bake with. One of the most grateful is the Booskop, a.k.a Belle de Boskoop.

This was probably the last time, I baked with Booskop for a long time. Boskoop are best between December and March. The ones I'd used had already clear signs that their season will have passed soon.

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Mickle in NZ said...

This all looks so delicious, I'm sure it was as you ate your way through the lovely pies.

Counting down to your April holiday in Mexico? - you should be!

Mexico is sufficiently far away from India for you to have a complete and relaxed break from work.

For Tono too...I expect you two lads are counting down the days until your departure...

For a well earned break, Care and huggles from me. Zebbycat is too busy snoring to send greetings just now (lol). From Mickle many huggles and super care, xxxxxxxx