Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Divided On Tuna

There is probably no food I both loath and love so much as tuna.

I can't stand canned tuna. I can't stand its texture, I can't stand its colour, but worst, I can't stand its stench. I even have to stop breathing through the nose when somebody next to me is eating canned tuna.

However, if you offered me a tuna steak, briefly grilled or fried in a bit of olive oil or clarified butter, I act like Pavlov's dog.

Toño served the tuna steak with a self-created sauce made of shallots, dill, white whine and cream.


Ms Mac said...

I've never tried a tuna steak possibly because canned tuna turns my stomach so*. Perhaps I should.

*Except, curiously, when I do a tuna wrap thing which we all love.

gomad.ch said...

Ms.Mac: as soon as you can buy good tomatoes (i.e. summer), you have to try this with a slice of tuna.