Friday, March 27, 2009

Where's The Sky?

My caring employer has decided that it's time for me to move to another office. There is a positive side of it. The new one is bigger which is in favour of my areal filing system. However, there are some negative sides too:
  • A vending machine is in crawling distance. Not good for my love handles.
  • It's on the second floor. The old office was on the fifth floor. When avoiding the lift, this was a free workout I was even paid for. And, it's also not good for my love handles.
  • I can't see the sky without breaking my neck.
Old view:

New view:


markus said...

view from my office

Mickle in NZ said...

The view from my table is being blotted by a hideous new office block. Leaves me with a a slim view of our dear Parliament Buildings. Thank goodness for the harbour view from the other side of the office. Until I visited last Wednesday to find all the blinds down on that side. Silly workmates with a harbour view, is on my side we can get the nasty "naked bloke ironing" sights

No - am very relieved I missed that one.

Hey - you have a shorter, therefore faster escape route!!