Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fritz's Apple Mint Organic Ice Tea

Toño's caring employer had to cut cost and for once an employer let the most pawns on the board and instead moved to a cheaper location. Thus, Toño has different lunch opportunities. One of them is the soup shop Suppenkasper, which besides of soup also sell Fritz's Organic Ice Tea. Toño put one with apple mint flavour in the fridge, called me and asked me to taste it.

That's how I came serendipitously across this beverage. I would never taste ice tea spontaneously. I was under the (now false) impression that there is no bottled ice tea I might like.

The twist with this ice tea is that it's actually refreshing and that its flavour is not buried under tons of sugar or glucose syrup. Nevertheless this ice tea is also sweetened but with agave syrup. Maybe of agaves from Toño's home town like this ones on his uncle's field:

There is only one downside. Where we live, you can only buy this brand of ice tea in shops where copper-wool-bast types are shopping.

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Mickle in NZ said...

Now this pre-made iced tea sounds wonderful. I'm super cautious of all such things (though few and far between here) and make my own usually.

Happy counting down to a wonderful holiday in April? I hope you are, m'dears, Mickle xxxxxx