Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farewell To India

Once in a while one has to indulge oneself. Like I did today by going for the big Indian buffet at dinner.

Well, there is this German saying without any English equivalent I'm aware of: die Rechnung ohne den Wirt machen. Literally it translates to something like making the bill without the landlord. It means there is something you haven't considered.

In my case, I haven't considered the in-your-face manager of the restaurant, who made me taste every single dish on display. Now I'm overfed like a French duck. There is a huge mess in my stomach. The wafer-thin mint were these Kuja Karti made with figs and cashew nuts and covered with vark:

Kuja Karti

However, I have to admit that every single dish was simply delicious. I have adapted a bit too much for my taste. It's time Toño regains control over my diet.

I have to pack anyway. In half an hour I will head to the airport. I hope my plane will not be delayed due to the nasty weather in Zürich. How do people only cope with that?


Ryan said...

thats why i live in florida so i dont have to deal with the bad weather! have a safe flight!

MartininBroda said...

Endlich muß ich einmal mein "schlechtes" Englisch nicht traktieren, ich hoffe, Sie sind, wo auch immer gut angekommen, ich habe Ihre Bemerkungen zu dem o.g. jungen Mann immer sehr unterhaltsam gefunden. Alles Gute.