Thursday, October 01, 2009

I *heart* Tugs

I can't help it, but tugboats are just amazing. If I had known better as a boy, I would had wished to become a tugboat skipper. This is definitely a dream job up there on the bridge with the huge clear view screens, and sufficient thrust in the hull to push around big boys* at will. Must be an orgasmic feeling.

* sorry, big ladies of course (urgh!)

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y78ilm :: now on said...

When I was living in the heart of the city I loved to watch the tugs do their tugging in the port. It's something with that sheer power I think... and the plum of smoke from the engine!

Not long ago divers found a steamer-tug that capsized in the 50's while pushing a ship, killing its crew. I guess the task isn't all safe. But then, what work is?