Thursday, October 08, 2009

Two Pylons & Why A Duck?

Maybe it's the engineer in me, however, I'm totally fascinated by the two pylons which supply the peninsula of Cádiz with power. It could also be their spellbinding Flash Gordon like design. They are the first landmarks you see when you come to Cádiz after you passed the huge cranes of the Navantia shipyard.

The 160 m high pylon on the Puerto Real side:

The 156 m high pylon on the Cádiz side:

Here is some more trivia about the pylons.

Talking about a peninsula... this is my favourite peninsula joke. It is from the film The Cocoanuts by the Marx Brothers:


Mr. HCI said...

My pompous ass of a film professor in college told us in class one day that the biography of The Marx Brothers was called Why a Duck? because the film title Duck Soup didn't make any sense. I raised my hand and pointed out it was from a bit in one of their films. Sweaty Wally (as we called him) responded, with disdain, "Oh . . . it must be from one of the later films." I couldn't remember which film, so I was not able to slam him with, "It was their FIRST, you prat!"

Did I mention he was a pompous ass?

The Marx Brothers rule. Even their later films, which I didn't see until just a few years ago, are quite a lot of fun.

Mickle in NZ said...

I love the Marx Brothers' work - have never seen this film.

Hunt around - both Groucho (Julius) and Harpo wrote autobiographies that I read many years ago. From memory Julius wrote a number of books, great reading. Harpo's autobiography was brilliant to read.

We're back to winter style weather, so enjoy the warmth and tapas in Cadiz for me, Michelle xxx

y78ilm :: now on said...

My God! That's a massive pylon!!
I like the design of it though, I guess the base must be massive to carry the construction, still it looks neat. Cool!