Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Wolf Finally Makes Me Smile

I’m on a shitty assignment here in Spain. I sweat like a pig (it's too hot for the season), I have to work on the deck of a ship under construction (think juggling two notebooks with numerous cables attached to them, while on your left a bloke is welding, on your right a bloke is painting, behind your back an angle grinder is squeezing, and you try not to be hit by an erratically swinging gun barrel), have hardly any support from home base (caring employer's IT services are in Armageddonal disarray), Toño is not here to comfort me, and I'm not even paid for this (I reached my monthly working hours days ago and my contract does not entitle me to be paid for overtime). In other words, I rather moody and sulky*.

I tried to calm me a bit today by sipping some beer, while reading some of those amazing blogs out there (when for a change the hotel's internet is not down). That's how I came to Formysake's blog, who does some community service by dedicating a video for those among us, who are experiencing autumnal doldrums. I though, wow, good video. But then there was another one on the bottom of the post and WOW! That finally turned my mood!

Here is a comparison with the original:

And finally, the story behind:

*Although I haven't got the body for it, I would probably be a good prostitute, since I endure shitty circumstances much better when being paid for it.


MartininBroda said...

Also Formysake, der schon viele gute Sachen gemacht hat, kann sich jetzt einer weiteren rühmen, er hat den Gemütszustand von Urs-Michael gewendet, das Ding ist wirklich gut, kann ich leider bei mir nicht bringen, ich bekomme ja schon Schimpfe, wenn ich etwas zu Schräges auf meinem facebook anführe.

Gauss Jordan said...

Is this the new Single Ladies Dance? ;-)

Of course, I saw / heard of this one via Glee.