Thursday, October 15, 2009

Witty Opponents

I've mentioned it before, we Swiss have to decide on grave matters all the time. Like some weeks ago, we raised our own taxes to put the disabled support on a sounder financial basis. You see, sometimes people even decide in a sensible manner at the ballot box.

I've also mentioned it before that there will be two items on the ballot of the November 29 polling which are raising tempers here and now:
  1. Prohibition of minarets in Switzerland
  2. Export ban on Swiss arms.

While the second one simply would get me to loose my job, be cast out and shoved into the lumpenproletariat*, the minaret prohibition is the one that's flooding the media.

The forces behind the initiative have used the old tactic to produce a poster that is hard at the legal and moral limits (picture below on the left), causing authorities to debate whether it should be banned or not, and thus causing a lot of media fuss, which brings the poster to people's attention without the need to hang it up anywhere (I'm no better by doing it here and now as well).

A small left wing party here in Zürich finally found the right answer, by producing a persiflage for the second initiative (picture below on the right). Although, I do not condone the message of the poster, I have concede the folks significant wit and repartee, which is such a rare quality in politics.

Nevertheless, I urge my fellow compatriots to support us hard-working blue collar guys, which really only want to help the rest of the (nicer part of the) world to defend themselves and occasionally like to have a warm soup at dinner.

* I know, I prosper on the misery of the world, although I have far too many scruples to be a banker.


Gauss Jordan said...

I get the feeling that you left "Blue Collar" behind sometime around this post. Maybe. ;-)

Seth said...

Well for what it's worth, here in America we always need more weapons...