Monday, September 14, 2009

Going Into Hibernation

Our outdoor pool just closed for 8 far too longs months.

Around four o'clock the sun decided to shove the clouds away and give the pool a fair farewell. I decided to be a bad buddy and did not go with Toño & Gerardo for a film and pizza and headed instead to the pool for a last 2k outdoor swim.

If I had not been in the water, I would had to wipe away a tear drop, when the duck that came all summer with her ducklings joined me in my lane for a while for bit of farewell swimming.

For the next 8 months it's back to crowded indoor swimming. But the next summer is supposed to come. I think this year it was on a Wednesday. I wonder, which day it will choose next year?

Stay passionate and Godspeed!
Mr. Urs


torchy! said...

8 months is a mighty long time. can't say i've ever enjoyed swimming in an outdoor pool.

in 8 months time though, you'll be thinking that it seems only yesterday that it was closing for the winter.


Captastro said...

Our outdoor pools closed about a month ago, and we're in a more temperate region. I think our situation has more to do with budget and manpower. Most of the lifeguards are college students who typically leave for school mid-August. It was kind of sad to see the pools empty of water in the middle of summer, though.

The bit about the ducks was cute. :)

Mr. Urs said...

@torchy!... Yes, time runs through our fingers.

@Captastro... That is the good thing about living in socialist Europe ;)

Gauss Jordan said...

Mid-September to Mid-May is why I live in central Texas. It's really pretty outside, I'll be able to go out on the lakes until about mid-November or so (comfortably), and enjoy mid-60's pretty much daily through the "depths" of winter. :-)

Unfortunately we also had 60+ days with 100 degree weather this summer.