Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turmoil On The Farm

The wedding of my brother and Татьяна is over. Everything went well. My sister, Toño & I could run a catering service. We complement each other perfectly.

The only problem was that we kind of lost control over the guest list, which was made only last Sunday at a family conference (like all organisation). The first signs were when people started to RSVP, who had never been invited. In other words we had no idea how many people might show up. In the end, 20% more than invited sat at the tables. Quite successful for a invitation that went out only days before the event.

The farmers in our village have the tradition to give a young animal as a wedding present. The idea is that the freshly married couple fattens the animal and that all farmers are invited to partake when they succeed.

My brother and Татьяна received this lovely piglet.

Isn't it cute? But it's also quite shifty. When my brother and neighbouring farmer Franz were installing the fodder and water dispenser, it leaped through the ajar door and escaped into the meadow. Well if you're a piglet, better don't mess with pig farmer Franz. In not time it was back in the shed.


Mickle in NZ said...

Have any of you told your dear Mother yet?

Super congrats to Brother and dearest Tatyana.

And super well done to Tono, Marlene and Urs. Should the arms industry dry up you have an alternative career, dear friend!

Poor little piglet, hope the dear one gets fed well.

Huggles and care, Michelle and Zebbycat, xxxxxx

(word verification = copoloca - pure Barry Manilow, eeek)

Pilgrim said...

You never saw a slaughter at work before? When I was a toddler, I saw at least on pig slaughtered. :-) Propz Pilgrim

Suf n Steve said...


can we have the foods picture publish here!

i never been to any European wedding before!

Mr. Urs said...

@Mickle... Officially, the parents have been invited a few hours before the ceremony, but word came through a bit earlier.

@Pilgrim... well, the second pic might be a bit misleading, but the piglet is still alive. That is just the way a professional carries the animal.

@Suf... Sorry, for once I only made pictures of the desserts... I was a bit too busy.

Gauss Jordan said...

Aww! It's mini-Bacon!

Anonymous said...

Poor piglet :( So helpless. Not even treated as a sentient being, just a possession. Humans are horrible. Don't hold the piglet like that. How would you like something bigger and stronger than you to dangle you upside down by the legs, without you being able to do anything about it? You wouldn't like it one bit and neither does that piglet. If you're going to kill the piglet, take its entire life so that you can have a good meal, then at least treat it with respect. Don't punish it for trying to run away, you would do the exact same thing if someone kept you captive. That piglet wants to run free in a field, like all piglets should be allowed to do.