Thursday, September 03, 2009

Smart & Handsome to the Core

Until last year, I had been under the impression that the easiest way to shock inhabitants of the U.S. of A is to ask directions to the toilet. However, last year on a business trip to lovely Virginia I discovered an even easier way.

I was eating an apple*, when I saw faces in a state of shock.

Obviously, some months back they saw a Swiss colleague of mine also eating an apple with the core. I was asked whether all Swiss eat apples like that. I don't know, but at least the smart & handsome do.

By the way, apple season has started. I feel like a fish in the water again.

*I eat about a pound of apples a day.


Mickle in NZ said...

Apples from the Family Farm?

Mr. Urs said...

@Mickle... I usually don't carry them to Zürich. The best can be bought on the farmer's market. Anyway, most apples on the farm are good for cider but not for eating.

MartininBroda said...

Ich esse auch nicht den Kern, aber ich finde die Selbstbeschreibung ganz nett.
Womit man mich aber in den Wahnsinn treiben kann, wenn jemand Äpfel schält, es gibt Menschen, die schälen alles, Radieschen, Gurken und eben auch Äpfel.
Ich fand übrigens gestern deinen Sibirien Post sehr unterhaltsam, mir fiel nur nichts geistreiches ein.

Pilgrim said...

You eat the core too? I even peel them and cut the core out. Propz Pilgrim

Mr. Urs said...

@Martin... das verrückte an dem Teil Sibiriens ist, dass fast alles was auf Zivilisation hindeutet nur durch das unmenschliche Gulagsystem da hingekommen ist. Wenn man aber gerne 2 Wochen unterwegs ist, ohne jemanden zu treffen, dann ist man da genau richtig.

@Pilgrim... In an apple the flavour is mainly concentrated under the skin. If you peel the apple you loose a lot of its taste. Due to this distribution of flavour the taste is inversely proportional to the diameter. Or in other words: the smaller the tastier.