Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like Pigs In Clover

Just to show a sign of life... We are having an excellent time* here at Mas Du Soleilla in the Languedoc.

Like we eat dozens of the most amazing oysters fresh out of the sea on a regular basis.

And yesterday, our hosts surprised us with Moules et Frites. Yes, we are at the Mediterranean. However, these could definitely match up to the ones you can get in Belgium.

And there is also time to be a bit romantic and enjoy the occasional wine from La Clap.

* Except when I'm driving. Toño keeps bleating when I'm at the wheel. I know I'm an awful driver but I wouldn't mind if he regained his composure. It's not really helping.


Ms Mac said...

Oooh, moules et frites- one of my faves. En guetä!

I concur on the bleating from the passenger seat. There's nothing worse than a nervous nelly sitting next to you. Can't you knock him out before you get in the car. No offence, Toño! ;-)

torchy! said...

great pics. food looks yummy

lol at you at Toño :)


MartininBroda said...

Du meinst, er soll dem Schicksal mit Todesverachtung kalt ins Auge blicken statt um Hilfe zu schreien, ich bin auch ein ganz schlechter Autofahrer und habe meinen ersten Verkehrsunfall direkt vor dem Brandenburger Tor gebaut, zur Freude der vielen filmenden Touristen :-(
Fiel mir nur gerade ein, weil ich was darüber (das Tor) schreibe. Noch einen schönen unfallfreien Urlaub.

Pilgrim said...

How much were the oysters? Propz Pilgrim

Mr. Urs said...

@Ms Mac... We are (almost alarmingly) compatible :)

@torchy!... Ta :)

@Martin... Gelassenheit ist meines Beifahrers oberste Pflicht. Wenigstens hast Du Dir eine beindruckende Kulisse für Dein Missgeschick gewählt.

@Pilgrim... I never paied :S but I was told that in Switzerland you can get 1 for the price of 12 here.

Toño said...

Oh yes I was bleating... since I told Mr. Urs to rent an automatic car, because me, I do not drive standard cars at all and he is not used anymore to it. Well apparently the automatic cars are more expensive and then he decided to do otherwise... well at the end I lost two kilos without making any sport. Not bad either :)

We had a great time in Languedoc!