Thursday, September 17, 2009


While I was ironing, I put on old records and got kind of lost in memories. I don't listen quite often to Swiss music, but it happened today. There is this one song from 1992, which is IMHO like one of the best love songs ever. It's is called Scharlachrot (scarlet):

Die isch ja filmryf, die Szene i dere Frytignacht.
Dr Mond isch es wysses runds Loch
u luegt zur Wösch us wien'i.

Hie bini lang elei gsi u ha Fläsche ghöut,
Schtunde zeut i däm viu z'grosse Bett
u ha gseh wie sech d'Wäut wacker dräit...
nume nid um mi!

U jitzt bisch du cho, grad jitz, woni's nümm hätti dänkt,
u luegsch dry, wie wenn's öppis z'gwinne gäb
für die u für mi:
Im schlimmschte Fau nume'ne Nacht!

I boue mir mini Tröim uf
rund um di,
u male se scharlachrot a.
I brönne mir di Name
z'mitts i mis Härz.
Chönnt schwöre, dass i ewig blybe
we üs nüt drzwüsche chunnt.
-- Büne Huber

That could have come straight from a film, this scene on that Friday night.
The moon is like a round white hole
and is scowling like I am.

Here I was alone for a long time, emptying bottles,
counting hours in this far too big bed.
and have been watching how the world revolves valiantly...
only not around me!

And now you came, just now, when I had given up hope,
and you are looking like there is something to win
for you and for me:
At the worst only a night!

I'm building my dreams
around you,
and I'm painting them scarlet.
I'm burning your name
into the middle of my heart.
I could swear that I will stay forever,
if nothing cropped up.

Thankfully, I could also brand a name into my heart: Toño. And today Toño is celebrating his birthday. Unfortunately, there no present big enough to express my gratitude to Toño. As a humble attempt, I dedicate today this song to Toño


MartininBroda said...

Ach du Schreck, bin ich wirklich der erste Kommentator, also ich habe diesen Text in Schwyzerdütsch (oder so) wirklich ein paar mal gelesen und jedesmal mehr verstanden, aber es gab ja eine zuerst völlig übersehene englische Übersetzung, uff, jetzt ist alles klar.
Ich habe schon so oft geschrieben, daß ich zutiefst gerührt bin, was ich von eurer Beziehung so mitbekommen habe, daß ich mir längst komisch vorkomme. Egal, nochmal: ich wünsche Deinem Tono alles erdenklich Gute und gestehe, daß ich ein bißchen glücklich darüber bin, was ich von euch erfahren durfte. Alles Liebe. Martin

Suf n Steve said...

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Happy Birthday from both of us,

Ms Mac said...

Happy birthday to Toño!


Mickle in NZ said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Beloved.

Celebrate in style, dear Gentlemen,

Michelle xxx

mr. mac said...

Happy Birthday Toño.

All the best for this and every day!


markus said...

Tono and a mini mac share the same birthday must be a very special day

Mickle in NZ said...

dear Urs - what an incredible baking effort, all for the Wedding of the Year. Has anyone told your dear Mother yet?

Love and care to you two dear men, and to your sister and all up at the family farm,

Michelle (and Zebby) xxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Just watched the music vid, reaction - really great song, pure envy to the tenor saxophone player cos my hands were to small, most i could play was alto sax, and then -

sad disappointment at the audiences' "wave the arms up high back and forth" Try something new folks! And less boring.... never mind - great song, in a language that works so well when sung (unlike English). Right, will leave you be (for now)

Sincere love and care, Michelle xxx

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