Saturday, September 12, 2009

Phallic Interests & Skagen

We came in early from out sailing in the Baltic Sea on Thursday night. I could neither change the flights nor get access to the company network on Friday. So I could not be arsed any more to do some work and agreed to accompany my colleagues on a trip to Skagen, the northernmost tip of Denmark (if you ignore Greenland and the Faroe Islands).

The wife of one of my colleagues is totally into lighthouses and he asked me to take a picture of the Skagen lighthouse from the 1850s for his wife.

Another of my colleagues however is a total gun maniac and showed much more interest in some newer buildings down the beach. Though he was quite disappointed that the guns had been removed.

And this finally is the reason for our trip. The place were Skagerrak and Kattegat meet.

Unfortunately the weather was far too nice to see the waves clashing together from each side of the tip.

Stay passionate and Godspeed!
Mr. Urs


Pilgrim said...

On which naval vessel at Skagerrak? HMS Lion? Propz Pilgrim

Mr. Urs said...

No Pilgrim. The Brits don't buy continental gear. We were on HDMS Absalon on the Kattegat side.

Pilgrim said...

Urs, my comment was meant ironic! HMS Lion sunk in the Skagrrak naval battle 1916.

Mr. Urs said...

Well she received a nearly fatal blow in the Battle of Jutland, but I think she did not sink.

Expat Traveler said...

beautiful pics!