Sunday, September 06, 2009

Qui vivra verra

I'm currently parted from Toño. We will not see each other for 180 long hours. No no, we did not have a tiff. We are parted for money - that is, business trips keep us from seeing each other.

This weekend, Toño has to represent his caring employer at the wine fair Vinea and residing in the tower of this lovely hotel, as he told me earlier over the phone.

I wish I could enjoy the tower with Toño. Whatever, in twelve hours I will be on my way to Scandinavia. And on Monday, while I'm away, we will get a visitor.

This is Gerardo. He is a friend of Toño from La Huacana, Toño's home town in México. Gerardo will stay with us for two weeks. So I will still have a chance to see him, if I'll survive the keelhauling.


MartininBroda said...

Das ist schön, daß du trotz der ganzen Anspannung noch einen Post hinbekommen hast, der nicht mal grummelig wirkt (trotz des Sonnabendabend-Büro-Besuchs), wie man hätte annehmen können. Alles Gute nochmals und einen schönen Sonntag.

Suf Steve said...


if we give a lot of attention to what we don‘t want, we create more of it!

"think of money as ur soul motivation" certainly someone has said that.

Expat Traveler said...

I say yeah for visitors! I want some to come my way now.. :) Hope you have a great time together... And time passes quickly.