Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Advent

We could light the first candle in this year's Advent. At this point we Swiss gave up on being festive. First, we failed to turn swords into ploughshares by saying nay to put a ban on arms export* into our constitution (sorry World Peace). Nevertheless, we still managed to mess things up even more seriously by saying aye to put a ban on minarets into our constitution. We are still allowed to export arms but a significant part of the arms market is probably not all to keen to ask for ours. Besides now, carrying a Swiss passport will be the same as painting a bull's eye on the forehead when travelling certain countries (Hi Americans, we are now in the same boat). Blatant racism is not only complete stupidity, it puts us into the centre of cross-hairs. And these are the people who said aye to registered partnership for The Gays™ a few years back? I actually thought my compatriots were not so unreasonable. Fail!

* I actually am quite happy about this, since exported arms are my bread and butter.


BrightenedBoy said...

Why did they decide not to export minarets? It seems like a silly thing to ban.

naturgesetz said...

Even we haven't banned minarets.

Pilgrim said...

If the wold won´t have your weapons, ask the peepz in Gazaa! Theey wll welcome you! Propz Pilgrim