Thursday, November 05, 2009

Vital Necessity: Comfort Food

I'm in India again. I don't mind travelling, but I also like to be home and one thing I associate with being home is comfort food such as this pasta dish, which Toño made last Sunday:

If you want to know how Toño made this dish, then see here. But instead of Swiss chard, I bought some spinach. Both work just fine. And Toño fries the chicken a bit in a pan, before he ads it to the sauce. This way, it comforts even more.


Rob7534 said...

I am LOVING your "Vital Necessity" blog postings.

As per your previous posts on the contents of your new messenger bag, I am disappointed that you did not photograph the contents of the bag itself, especially since the camera was inside; as handy as can be. I was looking forward to looking at the speedos.

Suggestions for future posts:
1) Vital Necessity: Wallet
2) Vital Necessity: Kitchen Pantry
3) Vital Necessity: Liquor Cabinet

Mickle in NZ said...

The comfort food looks super scrummy - pasta, chicken and spinach with added cream, yummo!

Hope the food you're eating in India is at least as good,

Care and many huggles, Mickle xxx (Zeb is back snoring very loudly)

y78ilm :: now on said...

Looks delicious! Save some for me please?!