Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm all right Jack, pull up the ladder

I'm a bit in a funk when it comes to work right now, or more in a rather indifferent après moi, le déluge kind of mood. Because it seems that doing a decent job does not solve anything. The mess is only get bigger.

The German idiom the fish reeks at its head describes it quite well. Things are rather badly organised around here so that you are given only quicksand under your feet.

One of the best teachers I've ever had was in organisation. He taught me the Hamburger Job Model: A good job is organised like a good hamburger. The buns and the meat have the same diameter and there is a balance between the amount of bread and meat:

The upper bun represents the tasks, the lower the responsibilities and the meat are the competences to get from the tasks to the responsibilities. Whatever, the real life Job Hamburger looks more like this:

You have got certain tasks, have to put your neck on the line for like everything and are not served any meat at all. How I'm supposed to achieve anything on that diet?


Suf n Steve said...


the ability to absorb all responsibilities lies in the tactics we used.

from my view, when we look at the hamburger we saw, lettuce,tomato, mayo, pickle and so. eventually we are mesmerized with the beauty. we never check the bottom of the hamburger! did we?

so, what i will do is to look your hamburger upside down. knowing the responsibility, we be able to enhance the core competency and cushion/simplify the tasks we need to do.

naturgesetz said...

That certainly does look like a recipe for frustration.

Gauss Jordan said...

I like this. I'll probably refer to it shortly on my next career post.