Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vital Necessity: Hugs

It was like the scales fell from my eyes when I woke up knackered this morning after I hardly could fall asleep last night (although I was quite worn out), and then saw this picture on Mr. HCI's twitter stream:

Yes, I miss Toño and being hugged by Toño. Bedlam sleeping patterns are another downside of business trips. And it could be cured so easily.


Dzyan said...

Awww, well I send you hugs all he way where you are right now, I realize they´re not as good as the ones Toño gives but I do hope you enjoy them and get to see him really soon so you two can catch up.


Captastro said...

Ah, the story of my life. (just joking) I'm sure Toño is missing your hugs as well. Hopefully the time apart will pass quickly.

Dr Mandragora said...

You are stronger than I am. I am a terrible traveler. I can't sleep, I have no appetite and so don't eat, and I am on edge.

Here's hoping that you finish up quickly and get yourself back home to love and hugs.