Monday, November 09, 2009

Vital Necessity: First Coffee in Bed

The first thing Toño & I negotiate in the day is, who is getting the papers and who is making coffee. There are only a few other things I can think of, I like to start the day with, than spending almost an entire hour enjoying papers and coffee :) The worst for me, is to rush out of bed, quick shower & shave and out of the house. I just need some time to say hello to the day. Otherwise I'm kind of off the rails for the entire day.

At home we have a top notch coffee maker. But when I'm on a trip, I have to find other means to solve the logistics. Most hotel rooms have a kettle and some bags of instant coffee, but usually far to few to satisfy my caffeine addiction. Hence I have travel with a glass of instant coffee.

Instead of reading the paper, I was typing this in bed while having a couple of cups. Now I'm ready for the new week. May it be a prosperous one, for all of us.

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Ryan said...

so funny sounds like me and kadin in the mornings but we have are coffee pot set up so it goes off on its own and we get the laptops.