Sunday, November 01, 2009

Vital Necessity: Laundry Sorting Bags

Washing clothes is a tedious enough task, sorting soiled apparel prior to this is even worse. Thus a system, which takes over this task when clothes are disposed to be laundered, is a vital necessity. Like we have this 3 bags for coloured, white & wool:

The bags are fastened to the frame with press-studs. You can easily detach a bag and drag it to the washing machine. Your precious hands will never come even close to the soiled garments.


Gauss Jordan said...

Or, you could take the route of one of my old roommates, who threw everything that would fit into a single washer on the "cold" cycle, and hoped for the best.

His white t-shirts were yellow. ;-)

markus said...

no vital necessity is getting someone else to do it and the ironing for you, do you know if ms mac can be bribed?