Saturday, August 01, 2009

Being A Good Patriot

For a Swiss, 1st of August is about being a good patriot. But how, when there is not a single Swiss flag in the house? I thought being super clever when solving the problem by turning the Birchermüesli into a Swiss flag and almost failed...

... but corrected it before we dug into it =S

I tried to make up for this slip up by dragging Toño to the Swiss National Museum where the new permanent exhibitions «History of Switzerland» opened today.

Since it was free today, it was heavily crowded. The most impressive exhibit was the wheel* of Swiss myths, which was big enough that we could see it despite all the people.

And I (accidentally) trample égalité under my feet. But that is a French thing anyway.

* I have no idea why it is a wheel. Nobody claims that Switzerland invented the wheel. Though, I could start a rumour here.


Gauss Jordan said...

Seeing that makes me feel marginally-less flaming for making a "flag cake."

Umm... the verification word was "reaper?"

Pilgrim said...

´kay, might be, but the last pic is obviously american. Propz Pilgrim

MartininBroda said...

Also, daß du die französische Gleichheit unter deinen schicken neuen Schuhen zertrampelt hast, das ist schon mal sehr nett.

Expat Traveler said...

Yummy - and looks like a fun time to me! :)

naturgesetz said...

Well, considering that equality cannot be enforced without considerable loss of liberty, maybe you did well. But my question is why the figure of equality is holding a coathanger.

Antipodeesse said...

Dear Urs, do you make your own Birchermüesli? If so, can you send me your recipe please?

Many thanks!