Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet & Salty

When I visit my clan I usually bring something to eat. Mostly something I bake, since that's so much easier to carry on train & bus.

This weekend I tried 2 new cake recipes (yes, I use my family as guinea pigs) - a sweet and a salty variant.

The sweet is a blueberry pie. It is basically many blueberry muffins in a brick form.

The salty variant is a ham wrap cake.

Besides of ham it contains onions, tomatoes, gherkins, curd cheese, eggs, cheese, parsley and mustard.

In other family related news, a provisional date for my brother's wedding is set for September 18. The residence permit for his fiancée is still pending. However, our trip to Paris is cancelled. We will celebrate Toño's birthday in Switzerland, since Toño has been chosen by the love birds to be witness to the marriage.

And my sister passed the written test for her shunting locomotive driver license with 99% correct answers. The failed were related to electric locomotives. She plans to pilot only diesel ones and did not learn for those. Now she has to practice for the driving test. Stay clear of rails!


Ms Mac said...

Oh, that baking looks delectable!

Congrats to all- it's all go round your way!

Toño said...

I must complain: Since I was not able to visit the family because of cleaning matters at home, Mr. Urs left me two tiny small pieces of each cake, well they were not enough :(

Suf Steve said...

can i have the recipe for the blueberry cake?


Pilgrim said...

Thx for the warning, Urs! I will remeber it next time I go skiing. Propz Pilgrim

Mickle in NZ said...

Urs - beautiful loaves of luscious baking. Please may I have the recipe for each.

Well done to Marlene - has she been taught how to drive a stem engine?. N.B. no train tracks near where I live so I'll be safe!

My dear Dad was very impressed with her training for this license. I must send him a link to this post.

Love and care, Mickle xxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Proof read, Mickle, proof read!

Stem = Steam.

Pilgrim - avoid the Yung Frau?

Pilgrim said...

Michelle, you mean Jungfrau. No, usually go to St. Moarice or Davos.

MartininBroda said...

Ich reihe mich in die Schlange der das Rezept Begehrenden ein (solange es nicht in Spanisch ist, ich habe nichts gegen Spanisch, ich kanns nur nicht).