Thursday, August 06, 2009


Finally, after a workday that lasted from 7am to 10pm, we finished our job. The open item list is endless, but we got the signatures we needed.

We went to celebrate to a flamenco restaurant. This was one of the song that was played...

Now to bed. In 4 hours I have to get to the airport. We'll have a shitty connection. It will almost take as long as from south east Asia tio get home. Although two days too late, volver is the word du jour but it just takes time.


Pilgrim said...

Volver is the title of a Pedr Almodovar movie, I think. Have a nice flight. Propz Pilgrim

Mr. Urs said...

@Pilgrim... Pedro Almodóvar & Penélope Cruz appear in that video. Estrella Morente gave her voice for the title song of the film. It is originally an Argentinian tango, but was interpreted as a flamenco. Penélope lip synced it in the film.