Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Pulled Up My Skirt

In a comment to yesterday's whiny post mr.mac demanded: Pull up your skirt dear :-). And so I did today.

This pull up your skirt line is a bit of an inside joke and a variant of a former boss's standard reply Results, not reasons!

The skirt line actually goes back to the fairy tale The Frog Prince by Brothers Grimm. In the 80es there was version published in German in which the story is told by a bra burner (read it here). The skirt line came right after her version of this:
...the King's daughter used to go forth into the wood and sit by the brink of the cool well, and if the time seemed long, she would take out a golden ball, and throw it up and catch it again, and this was her favourite pastime.
Now it happened one day that the golden ball, instead of falling back into the maiden's little hand which had sent it aloft, dropped to the ground near the edge of the well and rolled in. The king's daughter followed it with her eyes as it sank, but the well was deep, so deep that the bottom could not be seen. Then she began to weep, and she wept and wept as if she could never be comforted.

Imagine, what a women's libber thinks when a woman's only solution after a slight slip-up is to weep until some slimy arrives to offer his help (for a hefty reward). What a woman should do instead is to pull up her skirt, step into the water and get the bloody ball!* Hence the line Pull up your skirt dear!

Whatever, I guess I made Saint Barbara happy today by getting slimy hands while being on the water (alongside):

* what woman would play with a ball anyway, when instead she could read a good woman's book, discuss with her women's group or paint banners for the next women's march.


MartininBroda said...

O je, die kriegt man wohl nur mit Stahlwolle wieder sauber, die Märchenvariante ist ja hübsch,und so weinerlich fand ich das gar nicht. Nur meine eigene verdruckste Antwort, na ja, so klingt das halt, wenn man nicht weiß, wie man das sagen soll, was man sagen will, weiter viel Spaß da unten.

mr. mac said...

That gun is brand new! We are in a sorry state my friend if that's what's needed for acceptance onboard ship.

Back in the navy, we called that stuff on your hands "creeping grease" as it finds it's way onto everything you own. Sub-optimal when you all have white uniforms.

Cheers mate.