Saturday, August 01, 2009

On A Golf Course?

On August 1, Switzerland is commemorating the Rütlischwur, the legendary oath which is considered the foundation stone of Switzerland. According to tradition this oath was made in 1291 on the Rütli, a picturesque meadow above Lake Lucerne.

I once had a calendar in my office showing a similar picture of the Rütli like the one above. I tried to give an Australian colleague a brief history lesson by telling him him that this was place where Switzerland was founded. He just replied What? On a golf course?

Here is Toño & I enjoying a rest on the Rütli in 2005. It had been my only visit there. The blessed meadow was just being sprinkled with liquid cow manure. An odour, I actually associate with being at home.

Picture by Stoipi.


Pilgrim said...

Du siest good aus! :-) Propz Pilgrim

MartininBroda said...

Manchmal gibt man ja jemandem nur mit zusammengebissenen Zähnen recht, selbstredend nicht hier, schade, daß das Bild so klein ist, aber ja, ihr seht beide, hm für süß bin ich zu alt, sehr handsome aus.
So frivol ist das doch gar nicht, nur die Prägung von den Kuh-Odeurs, die geht mir doch eher ab, obwohl ich auch vom Land bin, jedenfalls von der Kindheit her.

Expat Traveler said...

Yet still I'd love to be able to visit there when I could, being inside the country!

Seth said...

It does look a bit like a golf course

*runs and hides*

But gorgeous view, with manure or without!!