Monday, August 03, 2009

Foobar - Washing Or Buying?

There were two highlights of the day:
  1. amazing weather
  2. shark skewers for lunch

I desperately needed a bier to accompany the shark skewers, because the rest of the day was a complete disaster.

I'm here in Cádiz to bring a gun through an acceptance test. Two weeks ago, there were two colleagues here to prepare the job. One buggered off on holidays and the other to another assignment. The job here is way beyond my job description, however, that is not something you bring up when you're asked to fill in for somebody. Normally, this takes 1 day and is more or less a walk in the park. My boss did not approve of it, but I told him we should not leave our colleagues in the lurch. What I did not know is that they took me for a ride:
  • The gun is not fit for acceptance.
  • There is even a hardware defect they knew about but they did not even care to order spares.
  • While dealing with this and poorly trained maintainers, I destroyed a flap on the gun (several thousand $ damage - though I'm not a trained gun mechanic).
  • Neither has all equipment been delivered that is subject to acceptance,
  • nor all data has been gathered and implemented that is required at this stage.
  • To add insult to injury, the client has not yet approved the procedure and demands loads of changes.
In other words, this job is fucked up beyond all recognition and yes, I have to extend my stay!

Washing or buying new undies & socks is the next question to be resolved.


torchy! said...

omg that does suck. you've really been dumped on there by the sounds of it.

hope it all picks up for you.

as for the undies... get new! experiment!


Pilgrim said...

So, my very first guess on your work was right; Buehrle-Oerlikon, or whoever it owns these days. Propz Pilgrim

mr. mac said...

Pilgrim, we prefer not to out our caring employer on our blogs ;-)

But you are not wrong!

mr. mac said...

ps. Mr. Urs, I proposed our new head of naval engineering to god today and he was "somewhat enthusiastic" but not overwhelmingly so.

Pull up your skirt dear :-)

Mr. Urs said...

@mr.mac... the blokes loved my panties.

MartininBroda said...

Das klingt ja nach einem ziemlichen Griff ins Klo (der Begriff stammt noch aus der Zeit als es stille Örtchen mit Herz gab), ich schicke dir gleich mal eine Anekdote aus meiner Militärzeit, vielleicht muntert das ein wenig auf.

Randy said...

ITS FUBAR!!! U crazy foreigner! lol


Gauss Jordan said...

Oh dear.

You could change the details in that statement, and this was me in June of 2008.

We rolled a supercomputer installation of 131 nodes. At any given time, about 1/5th of the cluster wasn't operating at full throughput. We were stuck debugging it remotely. The on-site reps weren't trained in the new features of the system (where there were still bugs!!!). I suppose the only thing you have on me is that we did not cause physical damage... we just delayed some weather modeling (thankfully before hurricane season).

naturgesetz said...

The only time I had shark it seemed a bit tough and dry. Hope yours was better.

Word verification: "ecess" Where's the o or i to finish the word?

Mickle in NZ said...

Shark is the regular fish used for fish and chips here a.k.a. "shark and taties"

With such a work SNAFU at least you're getting decent food.

care and huggles, Mickle and Zeb