Monday, August 10, 2009

No Regrets

I try to avoid regrets. Regrets just don't help. All I can, is trying to learn from my mistakes and do it better when I have the chance to do so. Everything else just would make me depressive. Another pull up the skirt kind of thing.

Nevertheless, there were regrets nagging at me this weekend*.

Toño usually prepares himself for winter by taking multivitamin pills throughout September. This year, with all the flu** hysteria, he started the treatment on August 1 and it will last until the end of September. In addition, Toño persuaded me to join him.

Well, on my trip to Spain I kind of forgot to take the pills. I missed 5 3 days. And then this Saturday, I started to become a sore throat, felt quite week and my lymph nodes are swollen. In other words a cold got hold of me. Instead of enjoying summer, I'm sipping tea and sleep a lot. If only I had taken those bloody pills.

PS: Thanks Martin & torchy! for the cheer up over Twitter.

* and still are
** yes, I was in México in April and I had a flu, but maybe not The Flue (more about).


Suf Steve said...


you better do further check-up every single day. do blood test to re confirm ur health status

check ur temperature every morning.

pls 3 take care.

i have few students died of this flu.

Pilgrim said...

Urs, that might help atm, but not longterm, like it was said by RKI, it´s senseless to take in Tamiflu in order to prevent H1N1. Propz Pilgrim

naturgesetz said...

I'm not convinced that additional vitamins will protect one from a cold or the flu, but if it works for you, that's fine. I suppose if they boost the immune system, they would help.

Bad luck to be exposed at precisely the moment when the extra protection had been metabolized out of your system, if that's really what happened (meaning if you wouldn't have caught it if you had continued taking the tablets).