Wednesday, August 12, 2009

F***, I'm Angry!

Because allegedly there is supposed to be a link between anger and time perception:

Here's a test: let's say a meeting, originally scheduled for Wednesday, has been moved forward two days. What is the new day of the meeting? If you think it's Friday, you imagine time as something you move through. If you think it's Monday, you think of time as something that passes by you. So what? Well, according to the British Psychological Society, "Friday" people have an angrier disposition, than "Monday" people. The researchers also found that "thinking about moving through time can induce anger." discoverd here (See also Angry thoughts can change the way we think about time.)

So it turns out, I've got an angry disposition. What a cartload of horse shit is this? Have you ever heard of a meeting being preponed?


Pilgrim said...

My meetings/contests are usually on time, but I read your other blog and was wondering. Btw, Ifollow that one too, but commenting is very limited for me.Hint! Propz Pilgrim and good nite

naturgesetz said...

I don't have time (lol) to follow the links, but the people who think the shifting a meeting from a Wednesday to the PRECEDING Monday is moving it forward are obviously too spaced out to become angry at anything.

Randy said...

What does it mean if u thought it was saturday?

Mr. Urs said...

@Randy... Since I'm not a psychologist, I don't dare to tell.