Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tigresa's Love Nest™

Finally last week, we managed to meet Tigresa* to...
  1. hand over her birthday present with almost 4 month delay**
  2. see Tigresa's Love Nest™, which she is inhabiting since spring with her breathtakingly handsome lover
  3. be special guests at one of her "circle of friends" dinners.

Tigresa's Love Nest™ is in a totally rural area. There are plenty of flies everywhere. However, it's dead quite. Game is grazing in front of the kitchen window (you could kill Bambi***), they grow their own vegetable and can count the stars all night.

* Tigresa was my flatmate at Gomad Mansion™
** she shares her birthday with Lenin, which it one of the few dates I can actually remember
*** we were introduced to Tigresa's lover over a Bambi burger


Ms Mac said...

It's been far too long since we heard anything from Tigresa!

Anonymous said...

@Ms Mac: Want to come visit the countryside? I'd cook for you and hubby anytime :)

Gauss Jordan said...

Heh. Out back of my house, the deer walk right up to the fences. So far, none have jumped into my yard, but I've heard rumors of this...