Wednesday, June 03, 2009


A year ago I was in the U.S. of A. for the integration of a system. For me, the most unusual thing was that half of the time in meetings was wasted used to praise the good work everybody at the table is doing. This was kind of new to me. Were I've worked so far here in Switzerland (construction & defence), doing a good if not exceptional job is something that is just expected. Receiving appreciation can be compared with masturbation, i.e. DIY.

However today, a VP came to my office and gave me a couple of bottles of a 92 points wine for this job. I was quite flabbergasted. It was even out of his private cellar.

He should have given them to me a couple of hours earlier, before I'd filled the employee satisfaction survey. Though there I did not bitch much about a lack of appreciation but that my caring employer sucks when it comes to diversity. As chance would have it, exactly this VP had no clue what a registered partnership is, when he'd inquired my matrimonial status. One has to teach those brass everything.

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Gauss Jordan said...

Good luck on the education. ;-)

I'm genuinely looking forward to inviting my management over to my house for some future dinner / party / celebration, and introducing them to my boyfriend or partner.

Of course, I'll need a boyfriend or partner first...