Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I'd rather be alone than try to be someone that I'm not"

Eels have released their seventh studio album "Hombre Lobo - 12 songs of desire"

Although Mark Everett is not exploring new territory, as he so often does when releasing a studio album, I like this 12 songs about longing, loneliness, frustrated desire and desamor.

The title I chose is out of the last song Ordinary Man. Its desolate beauty is so typical for what I like when I think of Eels. And there is still some hope despite all the despair. The line is followed by and you seem like someone who could appreciate the fact that I'm no ordinary man.


Pilgrim said...

I only know Mount Everett. :-p Propz Pilgrim

markus said...

only Eels song i know is the one "going over to susans house"

MartininBroda said...

Ich wollte gerade mein Englisch zusammenkratzen, aber ich darf hier ja anders sprechen, also: Großartige Überschrift, an die Musik muß ich mich eher gewöhnen, aber das ist mehr auf den Somg bezogen, zu müde, wahrscheinlich wird es anderes von ihm geben, das ich dann mehr mag, denn die Stimme ist schon bemerkenswert.