Friday, June 05, 2009

Let it begin...

We're on the eve of another weekend. This one will be devoted to celebration and commemoration.

On Saturday, we will parade and celebrate at EuroPride, which this year is held in Zürich. The evangelicals prayed hard that it may rain and it most probably will. Though there was one thing they hadn't reckoned with - LGBT people are a quite waterproof bunch. We've been trough a lot more than a bit of rain.

This Sunday, Toño and I can celebrate our first anniversary - that is, a year ago, we invited our friends to celebrate with us*. We plan to solemnize this at the hottest party in town in the night to Sunday.

Sorry Ms.Mac, I nicked your pic.

Also on Sunday, we will commemorate our friend Isabel, who passed on a year ago. We plan to have dinner with the Swiss part of her family and friends. Toño will make ceviche after a recipe of his sister Chilo.

* We did everything in the wrong order: honeymoon, reception, registration. But it worked
just fine this way.


Pilgrim said...

Do you really have such receding hair? And another question; do you speak french too? Propz Pilgrim

Ms Mac said...

Crikey, I'd forgotten how handsome you both looked!

Happy annivesary- may the champagne flow freely! said...

@Pilgrim, for all the good gens my father gave me, I forgive him that he also gave me his hair and eye gens. French is an itchy issue. If I speak it, Toño pisses his pants (it's his favourite language). I had to learn it in school but never got really into it (to the annoyance of my mother) - that is, my French was never good enough that I could enjoy a good novel in French, which usually makes me love a language. And then I always mix it with Russian, like I say почему instead of pourquoi...

@Ms.Mac, especially when you're hugging us.