Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wines & Friends

For the fourth year, Toño's boss organised a South Tyrolean wine tasting (with finger food and band) in Zürich's Frauenbadi (Women's Bathhouse) and I best of it - I could again participate.

We met a lot of friends (we gave them the hint) and had a good time catching up with them. I was a really great evening, despite the occasional drops of rain.

I took this picture last year but it looked about the same.

Tomorrow, I will go for the first time since our holidays in Mexico for a business trip. I've spent more than a month in Switzerland. It has been a while since I did this. However, it will only be a one day trip to the Black Forest. I looks like that this month I will also go in Turkey and Egypt. I've never been to Africa so far. Might be interesting. Thought I'll have to wear a suit and it might be hot.

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Ms Mac said...

Was a great night, to be sure.