Friday, June 26, 2009

Out of Egypt

Yes I'm about to leave Egypt in 3 hours. Although this trip was badly planed (read about), I really enjoyed being here. Alexandria is a hospitable place and sea side towns often has this certain je ne sais quoi. But I'm also looking forward to spend the weekend with Toño. Inschallah, I will be able to kiss him awake tomorrow morning :)

Coincidentally, my current travel book is called Out of Egypt. It is the memoir by André Aciman on his family history and youth in Alexandria. André Aciman is the author of Call Me By Your Name, which is one of my favourite books.


Ms Mac said...

Have a safe trip. Hopefully all will go smoothly this time. I have all appendages crossed for you.

Suf Steve said...

welcome home!

have urself a good rest and stay away from all those viruses

Suf Steve said...

uhmm! out of egypt.

Is about the spoil brat from a rich Jewish fame tells his family's move to turn-of-the-century Alexandria, its many colorful members, its quest of prosperity and pleasure and facing those anti's.

thank you darling for recognize Malaysian flower, we could drink the hibiscus's juice nowadays!