Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cursor Interruptor

Toño and I have something new in common. Both have been diagnosed with the same ailment - that is, plantar fasciitis, which is is a painful inflammatory condition of the foot.

Though I think my case was a bit less severe. I was diagnosed last year by my GP, who gave me leaflet with some exercises. I did those for a while but came up with the idea to wear less plimsolls* and more shoes with a footbed that actually beds the foot and does not only protect it from the dirt. To my surprise, this actually worked quite fast :)

My pain was in the midsection, but Toño's pain is at the heel. It usually came after a run and stayed for at least a couple of days. He even bought new shoes - to no avail.

Toño was diagnosed last week by The Specialist in town. His prescription consists of a page long list of appointments with a physiotherapist**, inlays for his shoes and a ban on running for at least 6 months :(

* = chucks for the Americans
** I so hope he is a she and old & ugly


naturgesetz said...

One more example to add to the stack which demonstrates clearly that vigorous physical activity is hazardous to one's health.

MartininBroda said...

Ich bin ein ziemlich bewegungsträger Mensch und versuche immer wieder, dagegen anzugehen und bin daher schnell bereit, die zu bewundern, denen das besser gelingt oder sie zu bedauern, wenn so etwas Blödes passiert, ehrlich, ich wollte gerade zu Bett gehen und dachte, da war irgendetwas noch offen, wozu du unbedingt deinen Senf loswerden mußt, also: Gute Besserung und ich bin felsenfest überzeugt, du mußt keine Angst haben, wenn er nicht alt, häßlich und eine "Sie" ist.

Mickle in NZ said...

No running... does this mean Tono will need to cycle instead to maintain his figure?

or give up cheesecakes!!!!

Mickle in NZ said...

Is Urs a Grumpy Humbug over the possible physiotherapist. I suggest a male - regardless of his looks.

Ideally a very good physiotherapist regardless of their looks - try that thought, Urs. Go On!

Pissed off Mickle.