Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet Татьяна

This is Татьяна (and Toño).

Татьяна did not like it when I took the picture, because she just spent the day picking gherkins on the field, she was sweaty and her hair was all messy.

Татьяна is my brother's milker*. But Татьяна is also my brother's fiancée. Татьяна is from Russia - that is, from Udmurtia** to be precise. Yes, this the 'home' of the AK-47 rifle.

My sister told me this news last week when we were talking on phone. There is not yet set a date for the marriage and my parents have not yet been informed***. Though due to visa issue they have to tie the knot before September. Toño so hopes there will be a big party.

By the way, Татьяна is spelled Tatyana in English.

* In Russia, milker is a female profession (according to my father), (Russian) men lack some qualities to excel in this job.
** Татьяна's native language is Udmurtian.
*** hence this is all hush hush and you haven't heard of it, поняли?


Mickle in NZ said...

whispered Congratulations to Tatyana and your brother.

I guess this means that soon your Dad will be up a tall ladder, hosing the house down again!

huggles to you all, Mickle xxx

MartininBroda said...

Du darfst ihr gerne sagen, daß sie trotz der Feldarbeit völlig sympathisch herüberkommt. (Ehrlich gesagt mußte ich erst einmal nachsehen, wo Udmurtien eigentlich genau liegt) Also dann alles Gute.

Ms Mac said...

I want Tatyana to blog!

gomad.ch said...

@Mickle... First they have to get all the papers together. Guess why Toño & I waited until he got naturalised...

@Martin... Ich war wirklich oft in Russland, aber bevor ich Татьяна kannte, hatte ich auch keine Ahnung das es so etwas gibt. Ich werde ihr die verbalen Blumen von dir überreichen.

@Ms Mac... How is your Russian? My sister and I only discussed last weekend how to connected the residence to the WWW. We are both bored of acting as the messenger between it and my brother.

naturgesetz said...

Maybe they should just get married, and then send your parents an announcement!

Just kidding.

I take it that's your Geburtshaus in the pictures.